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5 Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome 2015

There are too many Vpn (virtual Private Network) Extensions in chrome web store but i make a list on 5 Best Vpn Extensions For Google Chrome 2015. Basically Vpn is used to unlock websites, Apps and Content it also give you secure and safe browsing experience by changing you IP address.

1. Zenmate Vpn: Download

Zenmate Vpn - 5 Best VPN Extensions for Google Chrome 2015

Zenmate is one of the best and most popular Vpn Extension for Google chrome and other devices like Android, BlackBerry and IOS you can easily hide you private IP address and access block websites from different locations, Zenmate provide you 5 different IP locations like United State, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, and Switzerland. Zenmate also won the Europas Award for best Virtual Private Security in 2014.

2. Dot Vpn: Download

Dot Vpn

Dot Vpn is an other best extensions for unblocking any blocked website by changing you ip location by just one click and encrypt all your browser traffic and protect you important information by changing ip address. Dot net provide you 12 different country ip address which is superb to change any country address with in no time like Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, United State and United Kingdom.

3. Hola Vpn: Download

Hola Vpn

Hola is a free Vpn extension that allow you to bypass any block site, Apps and Content in you country from 50 plus different countries IP (Internet Protocol) locations without any proxy services Hola application is also available for different plate-form like Android, IOS and BlackBerry, you can also contact Hola services if you face any problem with Hola extension Contact help@hola.org.

4. Cyber Ghost: Download

Cyber Ghost - 5 Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome 2015

Cyber Ghost keep you activates and personal information safe secure and private it is every easy to use just install this extension in you Google chrome browser and power on the cyber ghost by just pressing power button and that it you are ready to use cyber ghost and now you are able to access all block site and blocked apps and content. Cyber Ghost give you only 2 country IP location United state and Germany

5. Gom Vpn: Download

Gom Vpn - 5 Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome 2015

Gom is run on different browsers and different mobile devices like Google chrome, Firefox Android, IOS on the same account with out any issue and without any extra charges you can easily enable Gom Vpn by just pressing the Gom button on upper right corner on the Google chrome Gom extension will allow the user to access block apps content and block websites.

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