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7 Best Keyboard Protector For Mac Book Pro 2015

Keyboard cover is the best way to protect mac-book pro keyboard, Keyboard covers protect your Mac Book from dust,dirt and scratches. So here is the list of 7 Best Keyboards Protector For Mac Book Pro 2015. Hope you guys will enjoy this post.

1. Moshi Clear Guard: Buy Now

Moshi Clear Guard

Moshi is probably the best Key board Protector for your mac book pro. It can save your Mac book pro’s keys from dust, oily stains, spill and other things like that. It is made with extremely thin Silicon – with only the one fifth of the thickness of other keyboard skins available. Due to its such low thickness,. it is highly transparent or you can say virtually invisible. other than this, its thinness also benefit you in a sense that you will get probably the most shine of back-lit keys and save elegance of your Mac Book.

made with engineering-quality and durable thermoplastic urethane, it is 100% form fitted to Mac book, which make it easily comfortable for typing. It is extremely easy to wash and reuse – just apply some detergent on a cloth and rub It in this protector and wow! you’re done.

One important point is that do should not scrub or crumple it, permanent wrinkles will be appear in that case. Its only the price which is higher, but if you can afford to buy a Mac book pro, you can definitely spend some money to buy this.

2. Kuzy Keyboard: Buy Now

Kuzy Keyboard - 7 Best Keyboard Protector For Mac Book Pro 2015

Kuzy’s Black Keyboard is a pretty good option if you’re looking for a nice and durable keyboard protector for your Mac Pro 13,15 or 17. Even if you have a Macbook Air 13′ or iMac Wireless Keyboard, it can be fully fit in those keyboards.

Most of the Keyboard covers around us, have some issues: Either they won’t give you full protection from dust or probably will wear out your keys. Even if those things don’t happen, a typical Keyboard cover will be somewhat misfit or thick for your Mac and you will wonder after a while if that was your once-premium hardware?

Well, in this particular keyboard cover, there is not a single major issue. It has extremely light Silicon Skin, which will surely has a nice touch on your fingers and yours keys will not worn out. It also has key-Letters printed on it, so wouldn’t have visibility issue regarding key-words. Besides all that it is pretty flexible and easy to wash,apply or remove so that you don’t have to worry about re-applying it.

One slight issue you may notice is that after applying, light on the keys (back lit) will dim a little bit, but that is not kind of big deal. Besides that its extremely thin nature and matte-like touch will also increase your grip on keys, which will benefit you in typing. Amid all that, I should tell you that it is available in a whole lot variety of colors like Solid, Solid Metallic, Rainbow (my personal favorite), New Rainbow and Army camouflage etc.

3. HDE Silicon Rubber: Buy Now

HDE Silicon Rubber - 7 Best Keyboard Protector For Mac Book Pro 2015

It is another good key board protect tor for your mac book pro, Although for non-retina displays only. it can prevent your keyboard’s keys from bread crumbs, hair (or even dandruff!) and other sort of liquids like water or cola etc. But here are few things that should be noted about this product.

Silicon rubber makes more friction with plastic keys, so as the time will pass by, you may be feel your timing is a little slow now. But your typing speed will not be much slow and it is something you can live with. Other than that its rubber molded keys can also contribute to your low typing.

For its pro its available in pretty vibrant and lively colors and patterns. So in my opinion, if typing speed is not a big issue for you ,then you should go for it.

HDE SILICON FINNISH METALLIC RUBBER. , Litop gradient thin silicon,

4. KB Covers SSL: Buy Now

KB Covers SSL

Beside being a good cover for Mac book pro, it is also very good if you’re a Serato’s Scratch live user. Scratch live is a good software for manipulating beats and playback of an audio file. It by developed by Serato, a new Zealand- based company and It is very popular among DJ s.

Now Scratch live has a lot of different shortcut which are very difficult to remember. So this key board can help you in this matter. Each of its button is color coded with shortcuts that are used in Serato, for both left and Right decks. You can play and scratch your tracks faster with this keyboard cover.

5. LogicKeyboard Premierpro CS 6: Buy Now

LogicKeyboard Premierpro CS 6

It is another Keyboard cover designed specifically for mac users. It is made by Japanese-silicon. It is very touch and durable yet you will feel it comfortable and very light on your fingers. Apart from that, it is highly transparent, such that you may not notice it, after applying it for some time.

One issue that we often experience is that a Keyboard skin doesn’t help up its own tend tends to slip very often. In my opinion no matter how good a Keyboard cover is, if it its slips, its pretty useless. But that’s not the case with this cover, it can easily applied and removed, and it is also very fit and stays on its place. One other thing you should know is that it easily hand-washable and doesn’t make you noises while you’re typing.

Another good reason to have it, especially if you’re a Photoshop pro, is the very large amount of Photoshop Shortcuts on it. Photoshop has a huge number of shortcuts which you can easily forget. But by having this, you wont need wasting time remembering a shortcut.

6. iSkin Vibes: Buy Now

iSkin Vibes - 7 Best Keyboard Protector For Mac Book Pro 2015

iSkin’s Vibes Keyboard cover is a good Keyboard cover for your Mac Book pro. It has many unique features. First talk about its material. While most of the premium Keyboard skin’s are made up of Silicon, it is made up of Microban’s antimicrobial product protection, in addition to the normal silicon. Antimicrobial product protection prevents the bacterial growth in Keyboard skin. This, in turn, helps to prevents stains, odor and deterioration of cover.

Other than this, it has large-size letter on it, which can definitely help you .if you have low vision. It covers all openings of a keyboard even at the edges, rather than just the keys. It can be washed simply – using just soap and water. It is available differ dual-color patterns which gives your keyboard an artistic touch.

Its main con is that if you’re typing a letter which is on the darker color-side, you will have difficulty to do so in dark. Also it will take some time of you for getting used to typing on it.

7. iSkin pro Touch: Buy Now

iSkin Pro Touch

it is the one Key Board protector which belongs to the iSkin’s pro Touch category. They design Pro Touch protector by giving conform and typing their first priority. Besides that it makes almost no noise which makes it ideal for environments like Libraries and School classrooms etc.

Taking more about its conformable feel, its silicon-made skin is very fit flexible and durable. It is also very good for those who like to type in speed. For its cleansing, you only need a cloth soaked in warm water and detergent.

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