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10 Awesome Apple Watch Apps For Your Smartwatch

Apple watch has been called the fan favourite for some time now, and I have to be honest that people love the Apple watch. If you have just bought an Apple watch, and looking for the best apps, then you are at the right spot. Let’s look at the best Apple Watch apps.


I believe that weather apps are a lot more important than you might think in the first place. They have been around for some time, and they are made for people who prefer staying up to date with the weather. Weather+ is an amazing weather app that you can get on your Apple Watch too, and the best thing is that will provide you real time, and precise weather updates whenever you want. Plus, you can customize it as well, so that is a plus point.


If you are looking for an app that delivers latest news to you in real time, then Flipboard is good. The great thing here is that Flipboard gives you news catered to your preference. You can always edit your preference, and the news delivered to you will be according to that. There is no denying that Flipboard is a great service, and more and more people need to use this service. Especially those who prefer staying up to date with the world around them.


If note taking activity is something that feels counter intuitive to you, then you may want to try Cheatsheet, this is one of the most intuitive note taking apps I have used on Apple Watch, and I have to tell you that it works really well. One of the best part about this app is that you can sync it with your phone, so you can always take notes wherever you want, and you will get the proper experience.  Cheatsheet is a bit difficult to use on the watch, but it is pretty amazing.


If you can’t seem to understand what the app is about then you need to know that Nest app is for all the Nest products a person may have installed in their house. I know it does sound counter intuitive to some people, but the fact is that Nest is a lot more useful than you might think in the first place. Yes, this is an app for people who are into niche products, but it works really well, and that is what you need to know about it.


If you are having troubles sleeping and you can’t really sure how you have fell asleep, or when were you awake during the night, then using this app is a great option. Sleep++ is a great sleep tracker that can work wonders for people who use them. Sure, it might sound a bit odd at first, but once you get a hang of it, you will realise just how good this app is and just how much information it readily provides you with. I personally find this app really useful.


Do you ever come across this song playing in your favourite café and you can’t wrap your head around what song it is? I have found myself in this situation so many times, I can’t even recall it; don’t worry, if you download Shahzam, you are going to have a lot easier time recognizing the song through this app. It gives you all the information about whatever song that is playing and the best part is that you just have to use it once whenever the song is playing.


I don’t think this app needs an introduction, but if you are wondering then Uber is the amazing app that lets you order a car to pick you up. It has been around for some time now, and people use it on a daily basis. Having this app on your Apple Watch is great because that way, you will not have to take out your phone again and again to see where the pickup has reached. Simply put, Uber is amazing and every smart watch owner should have it in their phone.


If you like to run and cycle a lot, and you prefer that there to be an app that can track your activity than Strava is actually a great app that should serve you well. It has been on the iOS for some time now but having it on Apple Watch makes a lot more sense since a lot of people have said how it is easier to glance their watches rather than their phones since they have to take them out of the pockets.


If you are always on the go, then Citymapper is a great transit tracking app that will serve you well. This gives you real time information about the traffic lights, as well as train timings, along with the routes that are completely clear, and the routes that are not. It is basically a very convenient app that should be with every person, especially people who are always on the go because it makes everything so much easier and convenient at the same time. So, yes, Citymapper is definitely the one you should use.

Heart Watch

The last app on this list is called Heart Watch, and I think by now you are already aware of what the app is all about. This is a heart rate tracker app, and these type of apps are pretty famous with all the smartwatches. If you are concerned about your heart rate, or you just like to have a track of it, you can download it right away. The best thing is that it gives you real time information, so you really do not have to worry.


I believe that anyone who owns an Apple Watch should start using these apps because of how useful they are. Sure, you might not want to sue all of them, but it is still better that most of them are a pretty amazing to begin with.

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