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Best In Ear Headphones 2021 – Top 12 Earbuds Reviewed

In-ear headphone, earphones or in-ear monitors have always been popular mainly because they provide an unprecedented freedom to people by keeping things short and simple. Sure, the wire is a concern for a lot of different consumers, but overall, there’s no denying that in-ear monitors are more and more popular these days.

These days, the market is basically divided between the people who don’t want to spend a lot of money, as well as the people who are willing to shed some money in order to buy the best possible earphones the market has to offer.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that price doesn’t necessarily equate to better performance as sometimes, the cheaper alternatives provide a much, much better price to performance ration than what you normally see in the higher end offerings.

Keeping that in mind, we should also know that the market for the in-ear headphone is quite saturated; companies are pushing out more and more into the market, and while some consider this a good thing, others just get confused and fail to make a proper decision.

Keeping that issue in mind, we have managed to create a list of the top twelve in-ear monitors that are currently available in the market for the consumers to buy. These earphones have been tested in almost every category, and are going to provide you with a great experience.

In order to make things more understandable, we are splitting the review in 3 further categories; the design/build quality, comfort, and the sound quality, followed by the pros and the cons. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at the best in ear headphones 2021

Top 12 Best In ear headphones 2021 You should buy

1. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear – View on Amazon

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear - Best In Ear Headphones 2019

When it comes to audio, Sennheiser is one of the manufacturers that are leading. The company is known for releasing some of the finest audio products known to market. It doesn’t matter if you are buying in-ear monitors or full sized headphones, Sennheiser’s got you covered.

As for today, we will be looking at the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, and as you can tell, these earphones are basically from the same amazing Momentum series that is already rocking some of the finest headphones in the market.

That would explain the high expectations we have had with these earphones, in order to find out whether or not the Momentum in-ears are good enough, we are embarking on a journey. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Design/Build Quality

When you first take a look at the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, you’re reminded of something flashy, and that’s what you’re getting with Momentum In-Ear, the earphones are overall black, but you can see the hints of red accents around the actual housing as well as the in-line remote, and some part of the cable too, and while you may think it’s odd, we all know that the red and black combination is something that we all love and adore so much.

However, not everything is perfect; while the design is something certainly attractive, the housing is made mostly out of plastic, and for the price you are paying for these earphones, it may seem like that you’re being over charged. With that said, the good thing about the design or the build quality is that you are getting a fully iOS/Android compatible in-line remote too.

Sound Quality

The next section is where we will be discussing sound quality, and that is something we are going to pay close to attention because its Sennheiser we are talking about, and they are known for creating some of the best sounding audio equipment. In case you are wondering, the we test the earphones or headphones with different type of music to find the best possible result.

The sound on these earphones isn’t what the Momentum series is aiming at, as compared to the more balanced sound that we have heard on the Momentum lineup, this has a slightly different sound signature; these earphones are made for those who prefer a lot of highs and lows, as for the mids, they are there, but not much emphasis is present.

Overall, the sound is a bag of mixed impressions; at one point, you’re getting some amazing highs, and lows, but at the same times, the mids feel like they are being overpowered by the remaining factors. With that out of the way, these earphones are by no mean, a bad sounding pair. It’s just that it will not be good enough for the purists.


Another important factor that you need to consider about earphones is the comfort level they are providing; do keep in mind that the comfort level is different for different people. As for the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, the comfort level remained relatively good, the earphones snugged in rather perfectly, and didn’t bother us at all. Thanks to the lightweight, the case was even stronger for the users.


  • Excellent sound quality with a lot of clarity.
  • Bass and treble shine through.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • In-line remote for both iOS and Android.


  • Mids feel tinny because of the overpowered highs and lows.
  • Plastic build quality.

CNET Says: The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear looks slick, is quite affordable

2. Bose SoundTrue Ultra – View on Amazon

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Just like Sennheiser, Bose is another company that has had a history of producing some of the finest sounding earphones, headphones, and overall audio products. Today, we are looking at Bose SoundTrue Ultra, one of the finest high end in-ear monitors we have tested.

For those who don’t know, Bose is known for delivering the most epic sounding audio hardware, everything from lows to highs is perfectly balanced, and while some people talk about Bose being expensive, the company makes up for their high prices by delivering some of the best products.

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Bose SoundTrue Ultra, these in-ear monitors are made for people who want to have the most amount of comfort, and an amazing balanced sound quality.

Design/Build Quality

Whether you are talking about the build quality or the design, Bose is a company that has never disappointed, the company believes in keeping things simple, and that is exactly what majority of people are looking after. There’s no denying that people prefer to have more function over the form. The design is simple, the earphones come in either black or white colour, and they are made with well-rounded materials.

The earphones are designed in such a way that they comfortably sit inside your ears without the need to be adjusted every now and then. In addition to that, you also get an in-line remote with microphone for making calls. Overall, the build quality is perfect, and we have no complaints with the design.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, there aren’t a lot of doubts left, and we didn’t really have any doubts with the SoundTrue Ultra, but do keep in mind that for those who were looking for booming bass, or sharp highs, they are not going to find those here. What you will get is an incredibly balanced sound quality with a great amount of emphasis on the highs, the mids, and the lows. Every note comes out clear, and there is just enough loudness that’ll keep you coming back for more.


Comfort is usually the concern with most people, especially when it comes to earphones because as compared to the headphones, they sit inside your ears rather than on top of them. Well, the good thing is that Bose knows comfort like it knows the sound, and design. The SoundTrue Ultra is one of the most comfortable pair of earphones we have used till date, they don’t create any itching sensation, and they sung in your ears without any effort.


  • Delivers unrivaled comfort.
  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Amazing, balanced sound.
  • In-line microphone/remote is a plus.
  • Comes with a nice carrying case.


  • Can be a bit expensive for some.

3. RHA T10i – View on Amazon

RHA T10i - Best In Ear Headphones 2019

The simply named RHA is company that happens to be one of the leading companies as far as the audio products are concerned, and today, we are going to look at one of their magnum opus, the RHA T10i.

As soon as you look at these earphones, you’re quickly reminded of some of the Shure’s work, with that said, there’s no way to say that RHA copied Shure, however, they simply did some changes to the original design, and in some opinions, even made it better.

What’s so good about the RHA T10i? Let’s find out.

Design/Build Quality

For starters, the design of the T10i may look a bit odd to some of the users, and while we don’t have any complaints, we would like to point out the fact that this pair happens to be on the heavier side, and the reason behind that is the earphones are made out of stainless steel instead of plastic, or the lighter aluminum that is used in some other earphones.

Needless to say that the design and build quality is excellent thanks to the stainless steel used in the construction that looks and feel really, really solid. Not to mention, the cable also happens to be braided.

Sound Quality

Now this is where this earphone absolutely rules, as compared to some of the other ones we have reviewed on this list, the RHA T10i just may be the best earphones we have had the chance to test. The sound quality is super-clear, and what’s good is that you get an abundance of sound tuning accessories that you can use to make your whole experience even better. Do keep in mind that that you get different acoustic filters as well as different ear tips to make your music experience even better.


Now this is where we have to raise some concerns, overall, the earphones fit perfectly and sound great, however, you do need to keep in mind that stainless steel is heavier than aluminum or plastic, and while it may not concern some people, a person who moves a lot will have some trouble keeping these earphones snug for a longer period of time. However, the experience may vary for different users, so it is advised that you take this with a grain of salt.


  • Amazing sound quality with a lots of tweaking options.
  • Stainless steel build with braided cable.
  • Carrying case with a lot of bundled accessories.
  • In-line remote/microphone available.


  • Priced close to some full sized studio headphones.
  • Can be uncomfortable for some.

4. Bose QuietComfort 20 – View on Amazon

Bose QuietComfort 20

We’re back with another product from Bose, and this time, we are looking at their QuiteComfort series, for those who don’t know, the QuiteComfort series has become a flagship; providing one of the best sound qualities, and in addition to that, an even better noise cancelling. Today, we have the QuiteComfort 20 in our hands, we will be looking to see just how good it is. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Design/Build Quality

When it comes to build quality and design, we normally look at Bose with more attention because of the company’s record with providing some of the best audio products available in the market. With that said, the design on QuiteComfor 20 is one of the best we have seen, and do keep in mind that this is a noise canceling pair, so you’re also getting the noise cancelling unit that is attached.

In all honesty, we like the design and the build quality, but it feels that the noise cancelling unit is a touch too big, but then again, it depends on what you mean by big.

Sound Quality

The thing with active noise cancellation in many cases is that the sound quality suffers a bit; either you’re talking about the loudness, or something else, the catch is always there. However, the good thing about this pair is that you’re not really losing a lot. The earphones sound good as it gets, and the overall sound quality remains positive.

However, we would like to state that while the sound quality is good, it’s not as good as some of the other offerings we have seen from the competition, but we can’t really blame because this pair does come with active noise cancellation.


Now this is where things get better, Bose is known for their unrivaled comfort, and considering how this pair belongs to the quite comfort lineup, we knew this won’t be disappointing for us, and that’s exactly what we have here. The Bose QuiteComfort 2 is perhaps one of the most comfortable pair of earphones we have had the chance to test, and thanks to the ear tips, it fits in your ears perfectly, and even if you happen to be in gym, or moving, the earphones will stay snug without any issues.


  • Amazing build quality.
  • One of the most comfortable earphones we have used.
  • Active noise cancellation is just too good.
  • Respectable sound quality.


  • The pair costs as much, and even more than some high end headphones.
  • While the sound quality is respectable, it could have been better.

5. SONY MDR-EX650 T – View on Amazon

SONY MDR-EX650 T - Best In Ear Headphones 2019

The next up, we have the SONY MDR-EX650 T, and for those who don’t know, Sony’s MDR series is one of the best for both earphones as well as headphones, and today’s no different. The EX-650 T may look odd because of the brass construction, but overall, they are pretty good, and in terms of sound, they simply are the best when the price is considered. So, without spending any more time, let’s begin.

Design/Build Quality

Upon laying your eyes on the Sony’s MDR-EX650T, you’d wonder whether or not this pair of earphones is worth it. The design looks quite swanky to begin with; you’re getting a cable that’s black, but the housing happens to be made out of brass, and while this isn’t the first time we’re seeing brass in a musical instrument or a component, but it’s certainly something we didn’t expect.

However, do keep in mind that Sony’s decision of going with brass made sure that these earphones are actually sturdier than the plastic counterpart. So, overall, we really like the design language of this pair, and have nothing against the build quality.


Considering how the MDR-EX650 T are extremely budget friendly, we had doubts about the sound quality, because you usually don’t get much for what you are paying, but we have been surprised by the sound quality on these earphones. Honestly, for the price you’re paying, you’re getting earphones that are well balanced in almost every single aspect the sound is well balanced, the lows, the mids, and the highs are balanced, and the loudness levels remain respectable too.


The earphones, despite being made out of brass are one of the best when it comes to comfort, we didn’t face any major issue with the comfort, and the earphones remain snug for the most of the time. Sure, the brass may feel heavy to some, but do keep in mind that the comfort part is largely subjective, and just because you’re having issues doesn’t mean all the others will have the same issues with the comfort. As from our side, the earphones earn the stop with the comfort.


  • Great price to performance ratio.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • In-line remote control/microphone.
  • Great comfort.


  • The in-line remote has only 1 button.

6. Klipsch X6i – View on Amazon

Klipsch X6i

Klipsch is the company known or creating some of the best audio products, and considering how we are talking about the best earphones in the market, it would have been unfair to exclude Klipsch from the list, and that’s why, we are bringing you the Klipsch X61, one of the best earphones in the market that you can buy at the moment.

Do keep in mind that there is a premium on these earphones, but if you are someone who’s not concerned about that, you’re in for a good ride.

Design/Build Quality

The design on these earphones is quite similar to something you will find on almost a lot of Klipsch earphones, and while some people may have an issue with the design, we’re thoroughly satisfied, and glad to tell everyone that these headphones have absolutely no flaw in the design, or the build quality.

The good thing is that the cable is braided, and securely covered, as for the housing, it’s made with durable materials and won’t be breaking on you. The pair is available in black and white, and you do get slight gold accents in both colours. Last but not the least, you also get the much wanted in-line remote/microphone combination.


The good thing about the Klipsch X61 is that the sound happens to be really, really accurate. This means that the highs, lows, and the mids are evenly balanced. This means that these earphones don’t favour one factor for another, and that is something we really like. The overall sound quality is one of the best have heard, and it make sense considering how these earphones don’t come for cheap.

Another thing you should keep in mind that for people looking for overpowered bass, these headphones are not something you’d want to invest in, as you won’t be getting anything like that. If you’re okay with that, then the Klipsch X61 is the perfect option.


Another great thing about Klipsch X61 is the comfort level, and while you may think that this design won’t be comfortable, but the good thing is that it is, and a lot more comfortable than you’d actually imagine. For starters, the fit is completely secure.

That means that the earphones won’t necessarily fall out whenever you move your head a bit, and while a lot of people are concerned about whether or not they can wear these earphones for a longer period of time, we’re glad to let you know that you can easily do that too.


  • Remarkable, balanced sound quality.
  • Amazingly built.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • In-line microphone/remote.
  • Comes with a leather pouch and a lot of ear tips.


  • Can be a bit pricey for some.

TechRadar Say: Klipsch Reference X6i offer rich, neutral sound and excellent build quality and finish.

7. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones – View on Amazon

Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Best In Ear Headphones 2019

It’s safe to say that Bose has a history of creating some of the best sounding products, and there’s no way of denying that, and the good thing about the company is that they have everything for everyone, as for this particular product, this is focused towards the people who love to stay active, and are into sports. The earphones are sweat proof, and have some other features that will satisfy the needs of active people. With that said, let’s take a look at the SoundSport by Bose.

Design/Build Quality

Bose is a company that simply can’t be questioned when it comes to the build quality, each of the product that comes out from their factories is ensured to be one of the best. The design of the SoundSport may seem a bit odd to some, especially when you pay close attention to the colour scheme; instead of being all black, or all white, the colour scheme on this is black/yellow, something that may not make sense to some people, but represents the “sports” factor.

As for the build quality itself, Bose paid some close attention in order to make sure these earphones are sweat proof, and they did really well. We don’t really have any complaints when it comes to the design or the build quality, apart from the fact that the colour scheme could have been a bit less fancy. Lastly, the design is also open, so you should know that these earphones will let some of the outside sound come in.


Normally, when you are buying earphones or headphones that are centered for a specific set of users, the sound quality becomes a tradeoff. Which means that you don’t really get a lot for what you’re paying. However, that’s not the case with the Bose SoundSport as it happens to really, really well rounded in terms of sound. In our tests, we noticed that the earphones pack quite an amount of bass, something we don’t see a lot in majority of earphones, especially the ones that are catering to a specific user base. All in all, these earphones managed to defy our expectations with the sound they are producing.


Any earphones that are made for active people must have a good comfort level unless they aren’t of much use, and thankfully, the Bose SoundSport earn full remarks in terms of comfort, and fit. They fit in your ears perfectly, and can easily remain there for as long as you want to wear them. The good thing is that they don’t really cause any issues, however, do keep in mind that if you are running, you may want to tuck the cable under your shirt, in order to have a better running experience.

With that said, full points to Bose for creating a truly marvelous comfort in these earphones.


  • Extremely comfortable for longer periods.
  • Surprisingly good sound quality.
  • Great build quality, and sweat proof design
  • Comes with in-line microphone/remote.
  • Includes a carrying case as well.


  • Doesn’t sound as good.

8. Focal Sphear – View on Amazon

Focal Sphear

Next up, we have something different for the viewers that is neither from Sennheiser, nor from Bose. We are looking at a product that is coming from a company called Focal, and the product is called Sphear. Now before you’re awed, you should know that these earphones are not shaped like a sphere or something, they’re just named like that.

In our testing, we found the Sphear to be really, really good, but in terms of performance, design, and comfort. So, without keeping everyone waiting, we’re going to take a look at what’s so good about these earphones.

Design/Build Quality

While the name suggests a sort of a spherical design at the play, the Focal Sphear isn’t spherical by any mean, however, the first impression you will get after holding the earphones in your hand is just how lightweight this pair of earphones is

While many people associate lesser weight with a flimsier, more fragile build quality, we are pleased to announce that the build quality is really nice, and the earphones have exceeded our expectations that we had with them.

One thing to keep in mind that they do allow some amount of noise to creep in, and while that may be an issue in busier environments like ta train station or a gym, listening to it in your living room will not be a problem.

Last but not the least, you also get a carrying case, and a bunch of ear tips.


For earphones that don’t retail for much, you’re always left wondering whether or not the sound quality is going to be good, well, the good thing about these earphones is that the sound quality is good, and it’s actually a lot better than what he had first expected from this.

We are not going to say that the bass is booming, or you’re getting a lot of treble. However, do keep in mind that the overall sound is well balanced with mids, highs, and lows having the proper exposure without one factor overpowering the other one.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the earphones are equipped with an open design, so they have the tendency to let some amount of sound inside, something that may change your experience in different environments.


Now comes the important bit; are they really comfortable? Well, the short answer is yes, and for those willing to go into details, you should know that the comfort levels are rather good. The lightweight design actually adds to the comfort, and makes the earphones all the more comfortable.

Last but not the least, another good thing about these earphones is that they are extremely fitting, and considering how you get different ear tips, you can keep changing until you find the perfect fit.


  • Surprisingly excellent sound.
  • Great, lightweight build quality.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Comes with a carrying case with bunch of ear tips.


  • The earphones let ambient noise creep in.

9. RHA T20 High Fidelity Noise Isolating – View on Amazon

RHA T20 High Fidelity Noise Isolating

We’re back with another amazing offering from RHA, and this time, we have the T20 high fidelity noise isolating earphones. The thing with high fidelity earphones is that they draw more power from the source, so make sure you have device capable enough to drive these earphones.

Other than that, the design will quickly remind you of the RHA T10i that we reviewed earlier, and while these are certainly more expensive, and powerful, let’s find out if they are as good.

Design/Build Quality

First look at the RHA T20, and you will be taken back to how the T10i looked like, and to be honest, not much has changed in terms of the look. In case you are wondering whether or not this pair of earphones is sporting the same stainless steel design, then you’re right.

The design, and the build quality is the same, and while some may think it’s not good enough, it certainly is, because the design remains tried and true.

As for the build quality, we can’t really complain because stainless steel doesn’t really get damaged that easily, though you should keep in mind that stainless steel housing means a heavier weight, but if you’re okay with that, the earphones shouldn’t bother you all that much.

Last but not the least, you also get fully braided wire; so, in short, the build quality is centered around stainless steel, and Kevlar. Something that we really, really like.


The original T10i already had an amazing sound quality, and earned a lot of respect, so, it was only natural that we got excited to know about the T20’s release. The good thing is that the sound department didn’t see a lot of change, however, it’s a lot more refined now.

Instead of the booming bass that was in the T10i, the sound quality here is a lot more balanced, and all the mids, highs, and lows are properly shining. This is huge for people who always want earphones that are accurate with their sound quality.

Overall, we have no major issues with the sound quality, it’s a perfect balance, however, if you want to tweak it, you get some acoustic filters that you can use to get the best sound according to your preference.


Do keep in mind that these earphones are largely designed similarly to the T10i, so you should know that not a lot of things have changed in terms of comfort level. The weight distribution didn’t change all that much, and that is good thing.

When it comes to these earphones; comfort is a mixed bag of views mainly because some people may find it comfortable, and others may not. As for our personal testing, there’s no denying that the comfort could use some betterment, but there’s nothing deal breaking in the play.


  • Great, balanced sound.
  • Solid build quality consisting of Kevlar and stainless steel.
  • Same set of accessories as the original.


  • In-line remote/microphone version sold separately at a higher price.

10. Klipsch R6i – View on Amazon

Klipsch R6i

We have something special for all the bass lovers out there; the Klipsch R6i is the pair of earphones that are made specifically for people who are looking for the extra bass. Sure, you may wonder you’re trading off some of the other sound features for that extra bass but do keep in mind that in order to satisfy the bass lovers, you have to take certain steps.

Not much has changed in terms of designs or some other properties as the Klipsch R6i is carrying the same, legacy design that is known and loved by a lot of people. The pressing question is whether or not the bass is satisfying enough, and that’s what we’re about to find out.

Design/Build Quality

The first thing you’ll notice about the design on these earphones is how closely it resembles to some of the other offerings by Klipsch, and while some may think it’s a bad thing because there is little to no changing in design, we simply believe that it’s a good thing because Klipsch has been playing safe with the design of their earphones.

As for the build quality, it’s mostly plastic, and while this may put some people off, especially after the fact that RHA has been using stainless steel in their earphones, the good thing is that the build quality is still impressive, and no major flaws are found.


Now this is where things start to get weird; you should know that when the sound is in concern, the earphones sound really good, however, do keep in mind that in our testing, it was obvious enough to know that Klipsch paid a lot of attention to bass, and while that is a good thing, it ended up overpowering the remaining factors.

So, this means that for those who are looking to invest in this pair of earphones, looking for an alternative would be better because that way, you’d be getting a well-rounded sound signature.


While the sound quality may be a mixed bag, the good thing about this earphone is that the comfort level remains really, really good. All of this can be owed to the tried and true design that is used by Klipsch in almost all of their models.

Overall, we are glad to tell you that the comfort levels of this pair is really good, and the earphones manage to remain secure and snug without causing any comfort issues, and thanks to the ear tips, you also get a tight seal as well, something that a lot of people would appreciate.


  • Respectable sound quality.
  • Bunch of accessories including a carrying case.
  • Comfortable, lightweight design.


  • Bass is heavily emphasized, making it unfit for other music genres.

11. Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE – View on Amazon

Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE

When it comes to audio products, Beyerdynamic is one of the companies that are always leading; and today’s no different either. We are going to take a look at the Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE, one of the best earphones they have created, and in terms of the price to performance ratio, one of the leading options.

The only downside to these earphones is that they don’t come with in-line remote controls or a microphone, but if you’re okay with that, you’re going to get yourself amazing sounding earphones regardless.

Design/Build Quality

First up is obviously the build quality, and as for the build quality on these earphones, we have nothing but good things to say. Sure, it’s not stainless steel as some of the other offerings in our list by RHA, but the fact that it’s made with quality material tells that Beyerdynamic is serious about what they are sending in the market.

As for the design, these earphones don’t really have a lot going on for them; they are made with simplicity in mind, and while it may put some users off, do keep in mind that much like AudioTechnica, Beyerdynamic is the company more focused on the quality of sound, and not the flashiness of the design.

Oh, speaking of the build quality, keep in mind that the housing is made out of metal, something that is definitely appreciated by the consumers. Last but not the least, we found it odd that the earphones didn’t come with an in-line remote or a microphone, however, a carrying case was included.


Now this is something that came as a surprise, when we first laid eyes on the earphones, and the price it is retailing for at the moment, we didn’t really think it would be performing good enough, however, upon proper testing, and finding out everything about the earphones, we have come to realise that these are some of the finest sounding earphones we have on the market.

The lows are tight and punchy, the mids are clear, and smooth, and although the highs have a bit of trouble with clarity in certain tracks, the pair manages to perform exceptionally well regardless of the genre of music you prefer.

Overall, there isn’t much different in the sound when you compare this with the older iDX 120, but we’re not feeling bad about it. There’s no denying that these earphones sound terrific, and perform even better without a hitch.


Now this is something that may raise some concerns, in our testing, the earphones managed to remain relatively comfortable, however, we did find out that once we made some other people test the earphones, their impressions regarding the comfort were a bit different.

So, at this point, it would be safe to assume that the comfort level for this pair is largely subjective, and while some find these earphones really, really comfortable, others may have an issue. Another thing you should keep in mind is that this is the same case with every other pair of earphones, making a big fuss out of it doesn’t make sense at all.

As for our personal views on the comfort, they remain relatively positive. So, with that out of the way, will we suggest these earphones to others based on our personal experiences? Definitely yes.


  • Amazing sound quality with a little compromise.
  • Great construction with metal housing.
  • Comes with a nice carrying case.
  • Comfortable for the most part.


  • No in-line microphone/remote.

12. RHA S500i – View on Amazon

RHA S500i

We are finally on the last product on our list, and this is again something from RHA. This time, we are looking at the RHA S500i, and for those who don’t know, this can be considered one of the entry level earphones that is giving you the same reassured quality that is present in the RHA earphones, although, at a much lower price point.

So, without wasting anymore time, we are going to take a look at the RHA S500i, and see whether or not they are any good when it comes to being a budget oriented pair of earphones with a lot of weight on their shoulders.

Design/Build Quality

The design on the RHA S500i is certainly not what we have seen in the previous too models, instead of the Shure inspired design, the S500i uses a more traditional design language that may feel strange at first, but if you’re more concerned about some other factors, then it shouldn’t be bothering you all that much.

Obviously, the construction here isn’t stainless steel, but you still get some metallic accents on the housing, as well as some Kevlar on the cable. It’s safe to say that the build quality isn’t as exceptional as the T20i, but do keep in mind that these are 4 times cheaper than the higher end model.

A nice touch is the fact that you still get a slew of additional stuff like seven extra ear tips, as well as mesh carrying pouch with drawstrings. Overall, it’s nothing special, but we appreciate what’s in the package.


The other to RHA products received a raving with their sound quality, however, we were a bit skeptical about the sound on this pair. Luckily, we weren’t disappointed at all by what the RHA S500i had to offer.

Although they don’t sound good as some of the other earphones on our list, and certainly not close to the high end models by RHA, they sound quite respectable.

After thorough testing, we figured out that that these earphones were more suited towards people who are more inclined towards bass, and while the highs, and the mids were there, at times, they felt a lot overpowered. Needless to say, this is not a bad thing at all, however, for people who like to listen to different genres, this may not be the perfect experience.


While the sound may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that the comfort levels remained rather perfectly balanced throughout the entire testing, there wasn’t a moment in which the earphones felt uncomfortable.

The large part comes to their lightweight construction, considering how the T10i and T20/T20i had construction made out of stainless steel, they were a bit on the heavier side, as for these; the experience was relatively better, lighter in weight, as well as snugger.

Overall, we have absolutely no complaints about the comfort levels on these earphones; they weigh a lot less, and fit, without falling out of your ears.


  • Amazing price to performance ratio.
  • Tight, punchy bass.
  • Good, lightweight build quality.
  • Doesn’t shy away on accessories.
  • Decent, simple design.


  • Doesn’t offer much in terms of sound other than bass.


So, there you have it folks. While choosing the in-ear monitors/earphones/headphones is certainly not an easy thing to do, through articles like this one, we try our best to find the perfect balance between the price, and the amount of sound quality you are getting.

Sure, this list covers some of the most expensive options like the RHA T20, Bose QuiteComfort 20, and some of the cheaper options like the RHA S500i, as well as the Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE. Then we have had some perfectly balanced options like the Focal Sphear.

The goal of making such a diverse, well-rounded list is that it gives us plenty of choices to go through properly, and find the best earphone that makes sure that all the notes are hit properly. What you will find in this list is the amount of earphones that is suitable for people with all budget restrictions.

You have the option to go for earphones that can be as expensive as a standard pair of full szied headphones, and even more, and then you have some of the earphones that cost a lot lower, and that’s the perfect balance we had in our mind before the list was created.

In case you are wondering about the repetition of some of the companies like Bose, and RHA, that’s simply because there wasn’t a better option than that available at the time being, and while there may be newer, better earphones coming out, the fact that the earphones in this list will always remain undefeated is another big point.

In case you feel that we have missed some of the other, more important earphones, or better earphones, feel free to let us know, and we will be happy to test them in order to judge whether or not they should be included in the list of the top ten in-ear monitors (earphones)

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