What is Computer Networking?

Computer networking is the process of connecting two or more computers together so that they can share data. This can be done in a variety of ways, including through a local area network (LAN), a wide area network (WAN), or the internet. Types of computer networks? There are different types of computer networks like LANs, … Read more

Best Ethernet Switch 2022 – 10 Best Gigabit Switch Reviewed

Best Ethernet Switch 2017

For those who don’t know what a network switch is, it is simply a computer networking device that is used by a lot of people around the world to connect a lot of different types of devices onto one single computer network. Network switches use the method known as the packet switching process, each device … Read more

Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch – Buyer’s guide

best 8 port gigabit switch

A gigabit switch is an Ethernet network device that enables the simultaneous transmission of data to all ports at gigabit speeds. This means that gigabit switches are capable of transmitting gigabytes worth of information every second, making them ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as video surveillance and large file transfers. The 8 port gigabit switch … Read more