Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch – Buyer’s guide

best 8 port gigabit switch

A gigabit switch is an Ethernet network device that enables the simultaneous transmission of data to all ports at gigabit speeds. This means that gigabit switches are capable of transmitting gigabytes worth of information every second, making them ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as video surveillance and large file transfers. The 8 port gigabit switch … Read more

Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC 2022 – Top 5 Best Bluetooth Dongle

The USB Bluetooth dongles have become a lot more popular in the modern day and age. Especially when you consider the fact that, many of the entry-level motherboards are usually without the Bluetooth connectivity. While laptops are usually equipped with this technology, the same cannot be said for the full sized desktop computers. In situations … Read more

HDMI to VGA Adapter

HDMI to VGA adapter

HDMI is a great standard for people who are looking for high resolution displays, and in addition to that, they want to play at a higher refresh rates as well. The thing that you need to know about HDMI is that while it is widespread, a lot of people are still using older displays, or … Read more