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8 Amazing Wallpaper Apps For Android

If you are looking for a decent app for your Android smartphone that will allow you to change wallpapers, download new wallpapers, and bookmark them, then the good news is that there are plenty of options available in the market to use. This article explores the best wallpaper apps for Android.

1. Wallp – True 4K Wallaper

Although true 4K screens are still not a part of the Android phone industry, Wallp has something interesting up its sleeve. The app is for people who want 4K wallpapers delivered to them on their phone. The good thing is that these wallpapers come with the right aspect ratio for your screen so alignment issues are not there at all, and you get a great experience as well, with everything.

2. Fonda Wallaper

Although the name might make it look like a wallpaper app that is not as important, but the good thing is that Fonda Wallpaper happens to be one of the best available in the market. It is simple to use, and does not annoy you with countless ads. The interface also looks good, and honestly, I don’t really have any complains as far as the selection is concerned, because it’s pretty amazing.

3. Google Wallpaper

Normally, when OEMs release an app, a lot of people are against it because they believe that they should just stick to doing what they do. But ever since Google is trying to make the entire Android experience much more cohesive, it all makes sense. Google Wallpaper is one of the best wallpaper apps that I have used with enough wallpapers to keep everyone satisfied as well. The app is amazing, and there’s no doubt.

4. Backdrop

Backdrop has been the daily drive for me whenever it comes to good wallpapers. The good thing about this app is that aside from the wallpapers you already have by the app, you also get some great community apps that you can use without any issues. This is something that makes Backdrop one of the top wallpaper apps that you can use in the market. Plus, it is free as well.

5. Walli

Walli, for the longest tmie, has been one of my favourites when it comes to wallpaper apps. The reason being simple, the app actually features arts of independent artists on the app, and you can set them as your wallpapers. I know it might not sound attractive to some, but the wallpapers are all amazing, and fit different styles based on your preferences as well. Needless to say, Walli is an amazing option for you.

6. 500px

500px follows the same simple and effective route as Walli; it features photos taken by some of the independent photographers. I can assure you that the pictures that are posted are stunning, and they make up for some stunning wallpapers as well. So, if you are looking for a good wallpaper app then 500px is actually a great alternative that you should definitely use. This will make your entire job a lot easier as far as having good wallpapers is concerned.

7. Wallrox Wallpaper

We are finally heading towards the end of the list, and another great option we are going to look at is Wallrox Wallpaper. I know you might think that this app is not good enough but I can assure you that Wallrox Wallpapers happens to be among the best wallpaper apps on the Play Store. Plus the interface is simple and easy to manage as well, so there are no issues as long as using the app is considered. Wallrox Wallpaper is great if you are looking for a good wallpaper app.

8. Tapet

The last option on the list is Tapet, another great wallpaper app that is for people who prefer simplicity, and convenience. Tapet may sound too hard to use at times, but in reality, the app is simple as it can get. You get a great selection of wallpapers to choose from, making everything much easier as well.


With all the apps that are listed on top, I can assure you that you will never have any issues as far as choosing wallpapers is concerned. You actually get a lot of amazing wallpapers through all the apps in the list.

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