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Best Android App Lock on Play Store – Secure Your Personal Apps

It’s not always a person prefers to lock apps on their phone, but when a person does want to lock apps on their phones, there are some convincing reasons behind that. For starters, this normally happens because you are trying to protect your phone from people who invade privacy, and this method works.

App Lock (DoMobile Lab)

If you want to lock any possible app on your phone, and you want to do it in a way that is not super invasive, and goes easy on the resources of your device as well, then App Lock by DoMobile Lab is a great option that you should go for. It works really well, and does not take up the resources either. Plus, you can let it running in the background, and it will not eat up your battery life either. Needless to say, it is a great software that you should definitely look into.

App Lock: Finger Print Password (KeepSafe)

If you want something a bit more secure, then the App Lock by KeepSafe is something that you should look into. Now the thing you need to know about this software is that it uses your phone’s fingerprint API in order to protect your apps rather than just having a pin code. This is great for people looking for the added bit of security, as it works flawlessly under every single condition. It works on all phones, and does support fingerprints as well, so you should be good to go with this one.

Privacy Knight

Although you can see the hint of dramatization in the name of the app, the good thing is that the app does not try to do anything above and beyond that would break the functionality. What I am trying to say here is that there are no features that would make you wonder if the app is worthy or not. Privacy Knight is a simple, straightforward app lock that works great with every fun, and promises to protect your apps against unwanted access. I can assure you; it does work, and does really well.

CM AppLock

I will be honest with you, I was really excited when I saw the name because I thought it has something to do with Cyanogen Mod but I am afraid it does not. However, I still decided to give it a go for the sake of curiosity, and I am glad I did. CM AppLock is a near perfect app that will allow you to securely and efficiently lock away your precious apps from prying eyes. Sure, it might be a bit hard to get used to, but it gets really easy once you get a hold of it.


The last app on the list is LockIt, another one of those apps that are super-efficient at what they do. The LockIt does what it the name says; lock pretty much every single app that you have. The good thing is that it just locks the executing of the file, you will not run into any issue as far as getting notifications from that app is concerned. Therefore, that certainly is a great thing about LockIt. In a market where there are so many apps that promise to achieving great things, LockIt easily establishes a place for itself, and earns a spot here.


Protecting your important apps is something that happens to be a lot more important to a lot of people, especially if there is sensitive, and important data within those apps, then it becomes an absolute necessity. All the apps mentioned above will definitely allow you to achieve that.


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