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Android Apps to Transfer Files From Android to PC

Transferring files from Android to PC is a feature that a lot of people use on a regular basis. However, this feature is something that is not natively supported on Android without the use of a cable, and that is why people rely on these Best Android Apps to Transfer Files From Android to PC.

Air Droid

If you ask me to name my favourite app with the help of which you can transfer your files from your phone to your PC. The best thing about Air Droid is that it is completely free to use, and you can download it on your phone and start using it right away. You also get some other nice features like being able to install APK files from your PC to your phone with just a single click. These are some of the features that one must know about Air Droid, which make it so great.

Push Bullet

A lot of people think that Push Bullet is only made for receiving text messages onto your PC, and sending text messages through your phone using your PC to anyone you want in your contact list. However, it provides you with a lot of other functionality like being able to transfer files from your phone to your PC with great ease. Making Push Bullet one of the best options available in the market. You should definitely try it out if you are looking for a software that gives you a great experience.


For someone who regularly has to transfer files from the phone to PC, Zapya is the app I did not know about for some reason. However, upon finding it on the Play Store, I decided to give it a go and see just how good this app is. To my surprise, Zapya is actually one of the best apps as far as transferring data from one side to another is concerned. It is quick, easy, and very, very convenient as well. Making everything super convenient for you to begin with.

Send Anywhere

The last app on the list that will enable you to successfully, and easily send your files from your smartphone to your PC is Send Anywhere. I really like the name of the app as it happens to be one of the simplest, yet highly effective names; it is apt, and bodes well with the actual nature of the software. Send Anywhere allows you to easily, and seamlessly transfer your files, and there are no slowdowns either as long as the internet connection in use is good enough.


The Google Play Store is filled with amazing file transfer softwares, and there is no denying that. However, what you need to know here is that amidst all the brilliant options, there are some mediocre ones too. This article will basically assist you into choosing the best possible software you can find. All these apps have been tested thoroughly, and will provide you with the great experience that you are looking for.

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