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5 Great Android Gallery Apps To Organize Photos and Videos

Android as an operating system is great because it allows you to truly customize your use experience.  You can literally change any aspect of your device without any issue whatsoever. Today, we look at the best Android gallery apps that you can download on your phone. These are some great options.


The first app on our list is Piktures. Now the reason why you may want to change to a 3rd party gallery app is rather simple. You want to do it because you are tired of the same old features available on the stock one, and you are looking for a change. PIktures is a great app that will solve all of your issues, and provide you with a great experience as well.

Google Photos

I love how Google is constantly trying to make the user experience better by taking part in the software development for the Android OS. Google Photos is a great example of Google’s dedication towards its OS. While it is not much different from what is available in the market, the most redeeming feature of this app is that it can upload your photos straight to Google Photos if you wish to. Making sure that you have your backup on the go.

A+ Gallery

Now as far as the name of the app is concerned, you might not be intrigued because let’s just admit that there is not much intrigue to begin with. However, the good thing is that once downloaded, the A+ Gallery actually provides you with great options as well as an overall smooth experience that you should consider using for a long, long time. In addition, the app itself gets update regularly, so that is another plus.


If you have been an Android user for some time, then I guess it is safe to say that you know about QuickPic. In case you do not, QuickPic is quite possibly the most famous 3rd party gallery app available on Android, and has been around or as far as I can remember as an Android user. The app itself is great with support for almost all the Android devices in the market, and absolutely no stutter, or crashes that plague some of the other apps.

Gallery (ViskySolution)

If you want a gallery app with a little flare and the ability to customize it the way you want to. Then the Gallery (ViskySolution) is a great app. It is simple, but allows you to visually cusotmise the app to your liking, making a complete experience that one can never let go. On top of everything, it also happens to be very lightweight, so if you have an older device, you should be fine.


There are some great gallery apps in the market, and considering how Google Play Store is like a free real estate, you find a lot of options. The list above contains the best possible options you could ask for when it comes to Android gallery apps in the market.

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