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Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

The Amazon affiliates program, Amazon Associates, is one of the easiest ways of generating extra passive income through your WordPress page.

Put simply, this program allows you to add links to different Amazon products through your own unique affiliate link on your page. Every time someone uses your affiliate link to purchase an item you will get a trickle of money coming your way.

While all of that might sound simple, what can be a bit more complicated is finding the best WordPress Plugin for tracking all of the analytics on your page relating to your affiliate links.

The right WordPress plugin will allow you to more easily add the necessary links in an organized manner to your page.

While there are many plugins available for this, two of them stand above all other competitors.

AAWP and AZON Press are the two most popular plugins used and for good reason, as they can make your job of adding affiliate links much easier.

01: AAWP (Editor’s Choice)Get Now

Amazon Associates officially recommends AAWP: https://amazon-affiliate.eu/en/amazon-affiliate-plugins-comparison/


AAWP stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. This plugin is considered the leader in this space as it allows you to place affiliate links in a number of different ways.

These include hypertext links, customizable boxes with information about the product, and even comparison tables.

AAWP Table

This ability to easily add not only a link to a product but also direct information about it, including photos and ratings has actually proven to have a positive effect on the number of sales.

Comparison tables in particular allow users to choose the best option while still on your website. This will mean that they are then far more likely to just click on your link and be ready to buy the product.

In terms of compliance, for the most part, AAWP is compliant with the Terms of Service of the affiliate program so long as you don’t use the Amazon logo on any part of your page.

This is a fairly simple thing to do, which is why most AAWP users never have problems with compliance.

AAWP is fairly priced depending on the number of websites you want to be managing per year.

For the most part, the $60 requested for a single website can easily be made back if you use the plugin successfully.

Finally, AAWP has excellent compatibility with most devices. This means that your affiliate links will be easy to spot and use even on mobile or tablet.

As many people tend to do their scrolling and reading through those mediums nowadays, compatibility is key.

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02: AzonPress (Best Budget) Get Now


AZON Press can pretty much do everything that AAWP can do. This means easy creation of Amazon affiliate links that are connected to text links, images, customizable boxes, or comparison tables.

However, where it seems to differentiate itself is in the much more advanced and yet easy-to-use dashboard.

With AZON press you can actually completely manage and look through the performance of each of your links.

This can help you assess which method of promoting your affiliate links is best. It can also be key for increasing your income over a prolonged period of time.

All of the links and different boxes and tables can be completely customized by the users. Azon is also regularly upgraded which means that you should never feel like you are falling behind in the features that this plug-in offers.

However, with all that being said, there are many who might find this plugin a bit more limiting in the different layout and formatting options.

In terms of pricing, AZON Press is cheaper when it comes to individual purchases as it only costs $39 per year.

Their lifetime license is another great solution if you know that you will be using the plugin for longer than 4 years.

The cost of the lifetime license is $149 but it does come with a 14-day money-back guarantee for those who decided that it is not for them.

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AAWP vs. AZON Press

Overall, both AAWP and AZON Press can be invaluable tools for those wanting to get more out of their Amazon affiliate partnership.

The different features available will allow you better integration between your WordPress website and your Amazon affiliate links, which could lead to higher income.

Not only that but the dashboard and analytics available will show you the way in which you should market your links in order to have more customers respond positively to them.

Regardless of which of these two options you end up going for you are guaranteed to see an increase in your affiliate earnings if you take full advantage of their features.

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