Best Fitness Trackers 2018 – Top 10 Best Activity Tracker – Reviewed

Best fitness trackers 2018 - Top 10 Best activity tracker

A fitness tracker is the ideal approach to screen your movement with unmatched accuracy. Consider it an electronic finger on the beat, always measuring your vitals, nature of rest and step count. The best fitness trackers are substantially more than common fundamental stride trackers. The action band is turning into a fitness gadget, with an accentuation on all day, every day heart rate checking, rest period and inactive notices.

The correct fitness band for you will be founded on your individual requirements and how dynamic your way of life is. Some will simply search for step checking and dependable rest periods, others need GPS for jogging, progressed resting heart rate information and VO2 max data.The uplifting news is that there are all kinds of gadgets for all kinds of customers.

This guide will demonstrate to you the most elite action trackers cash can purchase and demonstrate to you how each scores as far as functions, value, plan and the nature of the product you’ll be utilizing on your mobile are concerned.

Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers 2018

1. Moov Now – Buy From Amazon

Moov Now

Moov Now is a unique gadget. In a world of gadgets, where the screen is above all else, this extraordinary strap plate has countless features that benefit the customers. It has almost all the best components a fitness tracker ought to have: great battery life, step count, rest period monitoring, fitness refreshes, cross training and run guidance.

You can even swim with this gadget on and get a great boxing drill as well – and the Moov Now is one of the least expensive (and most appealing) available gadgets. The Moov Now configuration is quite simple. It’s a little circle that comes in assortment of hues and sits in an appealing latticed dark elastic band. It’s light and contains a button at the very top that has to be pressed to commence an activity or synchronize your fitness details to get a progressive look.

It sits unobtrusively and daintily on the wrist, and more often I did not even see it. This caused heart-ceasing minutes a couple of times while jogging (as you’ll have to put it on the lower leg for any run checking) in light of the fact that it’s in reality difficult to feel it’s there.

The Moov Now isn’t quite recently intended for step count however – it accompanies boxing and rep-based coaching, and a swimming mode as well as run instructing and rest checking functions. That is a great deal of features to get trapped in.

The sensor is currently accessible in a more prominent collection of hues, however I was more than content with the dark model, which looks great with the dark band. Critically, the decrease in size hasn’t brought about an adjustment in sensor innovation. Regardless you get a similar nine-hub Omni Motion sensor technology, which can catch and investigate your movement in 3D.

There are currently two new options to the Moov’s observing capacities, with day by day movement tracking and rest period monitoring bolstered without the requirement for extra sensors. External heart-rate screen bolster is incorporated too. I utilized the Polar H7 and had no issues adjusting the two through the Moov application.

A standout amongst the most helpful components of the Moov setup is the capacity to join two sensors for enhanced precision. This is particularly powerful for cardio boxing, and will be perfect for swimming too sooner or later.


  1. Light weight and small in size
  2. Great design
  3. Detailed data record and analysis


  1. Tracking activity is too basic
  2. Voice coaching is not that clear

2. Samsung Gear Fit 2 – Buy From Amazon

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - Best fitness trackers 2018 - Top 10 Best activity tracker

The principal Samsung Gear Fit was a fitness tracker totally, however with a fraction of smartwatch blended in. Since its arrival in the market in 2014, numerous comparative choices have bounced into the shred, including the Microsoft Band 2 and Fitbit Blaze.

The Super AMOLED show was (and still is) flawless, and its adjust of fitness and shrewd capacities set a standard for gadgets to descend the line. All things considered, when you make the guarantee of shrewd elements, there are some forceful desires and now and then, the uncalled for correlations with items out of its association.

This rectangular show is currently more extensive than the prior models, offering more screen land for fitting in extra data. That implies additional words in a notice, a more strong media player, and a full guide of your run given by the inherent GPS work, to give some examples utilize cases that exploit it best. Joined to the Gear Fit 2 itself is the silicone strap which, similar to the packaging, arrives in an assortment of hues. Each band is almost the same in that they are incorporated with a smooth, dabbed plan and ribbed within for maintained solace. On the off chance that you’d like, you can buy an extra band to improve the looks.

In spite of the fact that there is an entirely exceptional change in assemble materials utilized with the Gear Fit 2, everything meets up consistently in a visual sense. Somewhat more smoothly than the Microsoft Band 2. Turned over, the heart rate screen pops up. In case you’re into the low down of how this specific wrist-based heart rate tracking operates, it’s called photoplethysmography. Much the same as numerous different wearables, including the Apple Watch and Microsoft Band, the Gear Fit 2 utilizes infrared light blasters and green LEDs to monitor the blood pressure.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 keeps running on Tizen, the organization’s own particular pride and delight of a working framework. Once more, as with the Gear S2, picking its own particular OS doesn’t prompt greater likenesses as to the telephones it can work with, yet less. In that capacity, it works with any Android telephone running KitKat or above. What’s more, as of late, Samsung helped iPhone clients out and allowed it to work with any telephone running iOS 9 or more.

While Samsung hosts opened the gathering to a more prominent group of onlookers, you’ll require a couple of applications to begin. Most importantly, the Samsung Gear application to setup and intermittently refresh the Gear Fit 2 and another application, S Health to delve into your fitness measurements in more detail. Furthermore, despite the fact that setting things up is genuinely straightforward, two applications needed is one too much.


  1. Sharp design
  2. Great battery life of 3 days
  3. Includes GPS, heart-rate monitoring and music storage
  4. Workout logging is automatic


  1. Has no iOS support
  2. Huge size for small wrists
  3. Health app is not easy to use

3. TomTom Spark 3 – Buy From Amazon 

TomTom Spark 3

The TomTom Spark 3 is the next model to the present best running watch, the TomTom Spark. With the entry of the Spark 3 (otherwise called the TomTom Runner 3), the organization is staying with a similar recipe while rolling out a few improvements in the plan and tracking functions. Despite everything you get GPS, multi-wear tracking (when you require a break from the running), day in and day out movement monitoring and a heart rate sensor. Vitally, it’s as yet the main devoted GPS running watch that gives you a chance to stream music without your telephone.

TomTom has altered the strap however. The appearance tends to be identical with a couple of hues tossed in with the general mish-mash, however now the internal side of the band is milder and more finished to help wick away sweat. In case you’re intending to wear it all day, every day for action and rest monitoring, at that point that is something worth being thankful for. Having worn the Spark throughout the day, we realize that it can get very sticky underneath the band and there’s been a recognizable contrast on that front. You’ll likewise get a not so prominent mark of the band on your wrist too.

To the extent tracking is concerned, it’s almost identical. There are seven game modes alongside a stopwatch choice offering the extremely same measurements as its ancestor. There’s likewise movement and rest monitoring in spite of the fact that despite everything it feels extremely optional to the entire experience and not entirely obvious. Click left on the huge physical button and you can see a every day or week after week breakdown of steps, calories, separate secured and dynamic minutes. Information is in an indistinguishable ballpark from the Jawbone UP3 we’ve worn close by it for as far back as couple of weeks. In any case, as we’ve stated, regardless it feels a significant bit of hindsight.

There are prominent enhancements for treadmill run tracking, something that wasn’t too extraordinary on the main Spark. It’s still accelerometer construct yet in light of the few runs we put it under a magnifying glass, it’s significantly more steady with tracking separation secured on the treadmill. It makes an incredible swimming buddy as well, once you effectively design the pool estimate. The first Spark won silver in our enormous swim tracking test, and it’s business as usual from the Spark 3.


  1. User friendly
  2. great GPS and HR data
  3. Good improvement in route exploration


  1. Music support is not that good
  2. MySports app requires improvement

4. Garmin Vivosmart 3 – Buy From Amazon 

Garmin Vivosmart 3 - Best fitness trackers 2018 - Top 10 Best activity tracker

Garmin is pushing its action tracking pack to another level of measuring capacities in its Vivosmart 3. This wrist-set wearable is Garmin’s third era of the Vivosmart, in the wake of avoiding the number 2 for the Vivosmart HR+. This naming move far from HR+ is telling, as Garmin wouldn’t just like to concentrate on heart rate checking with the Vivosmart 3. This is on the grounds that it now offers VO2 max, fitness and quality preparing, with rep tallying as well. A difficult request in fact to pack all that into such a little bundle.

That silicone packaging is likewise extreme, so you don’t have to stress over giving it a thump or two, which is convenient in case you’re anticipating swinging your arms about in a rec center exercise. The tough screen additionally performs well on this front. That OLED show consistently fits into the lash and offers a lot of shine even in a sufficiently bright rec center. Regardless of looking somewhat matt and extreme in its complete – which can show up practically steamed up now and again – the touchscreen works shockingly well.

The Vivosmart HR+, the gadget Garmin discharged before this tracker, accompanied GPS worked in however this fresher rendition has dropped the element and it’s a major disgrace for any individual who needed to take this watch running. All things considered, you should consider the Garmin Vivosmart 3, particularly in case you’re searching for a band that can do top of the line fitness tracking with a practically week long battery. As far as solace, I didn’t generally see the Vivosmart 3 on my wrist amid the day or overnight – which is something to be thankful for. The band has a lot of extend to it and is sensibly delicate and supple; I never discovered it delving into my wrists.

Regarding nuance, the Vivosmart 3 one-ups the Fitbit Charge 2 and Alta HR, helped to a limited extent by its matte screen. The touch show is tactfully coordinated underneath the translucent surface of the band. It just turns on when required; with the show off, the Vivosmart 3 is a strong, continuous band in a solitary shading. The Vivosmart 3 has the particular favorable position over the Charge 2 of being water-safe, so it’s protected to wear in the shower, and even swim to profundities of 50m. Disappointingly, there’s no real swim tracking, however not taking off he gadget to go anyplace close water is a comfort that shouldn’t be disregarded.


  1. Circumspect and agreeable plan
  2. Great battery life
  3. Touch interface is anything but difficult to utilize
  4. Water-safe


  1. Garmin Connect application is as yet untidy
  2. Can’t react to notices
  3. Rep checking feels attached on

5. Fitbit Charge 2 – Buy From Amazon 

Fitbit Charge 2

I discover the Charge 2’s programmed practice tracking to be super helpful, as well. I as of late went on a GoodGym-sorted out run, as a matter of fact for the dispatch of an opponent games watch, however the Charge 2 was in that spot with me. It made a stellar showing with regards to of tracking the begin stop nature of the day’s running exercise with no cooperation from me.

Breathe mode has enhanced since the gadget’s arrival, adding haptic criticism similar to the Apple Watch’s own Breathe mode. These slight vibrations let you know when to breathe in and breathe out, which means you’re not sat there gazing at the screen and better ready to really unwind. Despite everything I don’t utilize the Breathe work that regularly, however this change means that when I do, the experience is significantly progressed

Application warnings have likewise been improved, with Fitbit growing help to incorporate any semblance of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – much more valuable for somebody, for example, myself, who deserted SMS long back. Different updates are constantly taking off which is constantly praiseworthy.

Sleep Insights have been included for the Charge 2 – close by all other rest tracking Fitbit gadgets – which gives direction and training to show signs of improvement evenings rest. It’s truly just barely turned out to be accessible, so the level of bits of knowledge I’ve gotten so far haven’t precisely been wise, for example, quite recently revealing to me I get more rest than the normal for my statistic. As far as anyone knows the bits of knowledge will get more customized after some time, in any case.

Rest Stages has started taking off to Charge 2 clients as a product refresh, yet it’s not yet accessible to everybody. Thinking of it as was one of the better elements of the Fitbit Alta HR, it’s a helpful expansion. It’s a vastly improved way to deal with rest tracking contrasted with what was offered already, giving a greatly improved breakdown of rest stages and additionally giving a benchmark against different clients in your statistic. Already, it was hard to realize what the numbers implied or on the off chance that you were getting enough quality rest.


  1. Exchangeable straps
  2. Extensive show for initially data
  3. Agreeable to wear
  4. Reliable tracking
  5. Cardio Fitness score is a helpful metric
  6. 5-day battery life
  7. Refreshed with Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights


  1. No (GPS Connected mode requires your cell phone)
  2. Signal acknowledgment is ropey
  3. Fundamental notices

6. Garmin Vivofit 3 – Buy From Amazon 

Garmin Vivofit 3 - Best fitness trackers 2018 - Top 10 Best activity tracker

The Garmin Vivofit 3 is extraordinary compared to other fitness trackers the organization has ever made, and that now implies it sits in this lofty rundown close by some other phenomenal tracking items. We especially like the super-long battery life of the Vivofit 3, which implies you won’t have to energize your gadget for an entire year. You’ll pass up a major opportunity for telephone notices by purchasing this tracker, however you do get the advantage of a dependably in plain view and some awesome fitness tracking highlights.

The update isn’t precisely a disclosure, however, not when we’ve just observed the significantly prettier Fitbit Alta. Garmin’s Vivofit 3 is thick for an essential tracker, and isn’t too a la mode. It’s a rubbery lash with an embellished precious stone example, into which a chunk of fitness tracker cerebrum openings.

Its got an extraordinary design also. More established Vivofits show the time, however clumsily, as the show sits sideways. The Vivofit 3’s representation screen is far comfier to peruse off. The screen is the enchantment part in charge of the 1-year battery. Its little, low-res, monochrome LCD utilizes not at all like the energy of a smartwatch LCD. At first look it would appear that a shading screen in view of the red strip up top, however the red part is particular, and utilized as an incite to tell you when you haven’t moved in a while.

In light, the screen is clear, and there’s a diminish backdrop illumination you can switch on utilizing a long-push on the fundamental catch. It does the occupation for making the show unmistakable in haziness, fundamental as it is. Garmin makes great utilization of this minor show as well, however doesn’t yell almost sufficiently boisterous about its two modes – full screen and split screen. In “full screen”, pushes on the huge catch on the front flick through detail screens. Step tally, separate, calories, the time and date, and what number of “extraordinary” action minutes you’ve ticked off all element.

As this can be somewhat of an agony to burn through, you can prune back what number of these pages show up in the Garmin Connect application. There are likewise five watch confronts: three computerized, two simple. One of the computerized ones additionally indicates that you are so near your means objective for an average one-screen refresh.


  1. A lengthy battery life
  2. Always-on display
  3. Works like a watch


  1. Software not so fun to use
  2. Phone notifications are absent

7. Fitbit Blaze – Buy From Amazon 

Fitbit Blaze

At first look, the Blaze resembles a not really alluring cross between the Apple Watch and Fitbit Surge. Notwithstanding, following fourteen days of having it wrapped around my wrist, I discovered bounty to like about the Blaze, and I can see that it could be a strong – yet expensive – choice for easygoing sprinters and those simply getting into working out.

The Blaze looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. It has a 1.2-inch, separable 240 x 180-pixel shading screen, metal casing and elastic finished lash. The tie specifically will be recognizable to proprietors of past Fitbit devices. Those who wish doll up the gadget can do as such by exploiting the Blaze’s various customisation alternatives. For one thing, you can browse great “Luxury cowhide” and “Luxury metal” tie sorts. You can likewise browse an assortment of computerized watch faces and metal cases for the focal tracker unit.The Fitbit Blaze feels much more like a cross breed gadget than a devoted games tracker.

Testing it required me back to my investment with the Motorola Moto 360 Sport, which by and large endured the same issues.It additionally doesn’t have a devoted GPS incorporated with it, so on the off chance that you need precise area and separation information, you’ll need to match the Blaze to your cell phone and convey it with you when out running or cycling. This will be a disturbance for fitness fans – myself included – who want to keep what they’re conveying to a base when working out.


  1. Colour screen is a nice feature
  2. Long battery life
  3. Exceptional exercise tracking
  4. Multiple bands


  1. No builtin GPS
  2. Not resistant to water

8. Fitbit Surge – Buy From Amazon 

Fitbit Surge - Best fitness trackers 2018 - Top 10 Best activity tracker

Three of Fitbit’s action trackers (Charge 2, Blaze and Surge) include heart-rate screens that take wearable tech into the exercise center and out on the track. The Fitbit Charge 2 is gone for the dynamic client, and the Fitbit Surge is pressed with highlights for the truly dedicated games and fitness experts.

Nearby the heart-rate screens each of the three element the standard different fitness and action tracking highlights: step tally, floors climbed, calories consumed and dynamic minutes. Be that as it may, the Surge gloats the most components. The Surge includes every one of the elements of alternate Fitbits and includes a huge number of different games highlights and a chunkier more watch-like plan. It’s not only for the more genuine fitness client but rather just they will utilize the greater part of its more games orientated elements.

The Surge is accessible in Black, Blue and Tangerine hues. At best costs see beneath this survey, and furthermore experiment with at Amazon. At the season of this refresh you could get the Black variant £50 less expensive than the Blue or Tangerine, however that may be on account of the new hues had recently been discharged. It has an entire eight sensors – the 3-pivot accelerometers, gyrator, compass, surrounding light sensor, GPS and heart rate – which implies it can offer significantly more differed and indepth fitness-tracking capacities.


  1. Easy pulse monitoring
  2. Built-in GPS.
  3. Comfortable and easy to use
  4. Hiking, yoga, and weight-lifting tracking
  5. Great app and simple syncing.


  1. A bit large.
  2. Not water resistant.
  3. Not a very good battery life

9. Jawbone UP3 – Buy From Amazon 

Jawbone UP3

The new UP3 arrives in a variety of new hues and, critically, now accompanies an enhanced catch. This tends to my greatest issue with the original form. It had a propensity for coming free. Dissimilar to the UP2, the UP3’s refreshed catch configuration doesn’t appear to be fundamentally unique to the first. Truth be told, the two seem indistinguishable as should be obvious in the picture beneath. It’s all down to the catch, which seems to secure all that more firmly set up than the past form.

To keep things secure the wearable components an aluminum metal fasten that can be climbed and down the band to offer a one-measure fits-all plan. Jawbone says it should fit wrist sizes running from 140mm to 190mm however you’ll have to ensure it’s a tight fit on the off chance that you need its heart rate tracking administrations to convey precise information.

This is the place the issues start to surface with the first UP3. On various events the catch came free. Gratefully the main time it really tumbled off my wrist was the point at which I was sleeping, rather than out openly. Gratefully, the new changed model isn’t tormented with such issues. While the catch is still more fiddly than most to get on, it does at any rate stay secured. You’ll likewise spot five gold shaded square bits of metal. These are in charge of conveying the resting heart rate information. This is a totally unique set up to the optical heart rate sensors I’ve seen on the Fitbit Charge HR and the Mio Fuse, for example. Rather than blazing lights against the skin, Jawbone utilizes biompedance innovation that measures the resistance of body tissue to modest electric current.


  1. Good design
  2. Great app
  3. Good coaching functions


  1. Loose grip
  2. Not easy to switch to other modes

10. Huawei Fit – Buy From Amazon 

Huawei Fit - Best fitness trackers 2018 - Top 10 Best activity tracker

Huawei’s settled on a cautious, round watch outline for the Huawei Fit. Some may locate the moderate styling a touch of unacceptable, yet I rather loved its nuance. Its modern chic is far expelled from the correspondingly molded Withings Go, feeling much more premium and better looking like a conventional watch.

There’s a selection of hues, incorporating a dark band with dark watchcase and either blue or orange groups close by a silver watchcase. You can likewise pick either little or vast watch lashes, in spite of the fact that the orange model just comes in little. For what it’s worth, I was sent the substantial size for test despite everything it fit my little wrists on the littlest size.

As is standard with all fitness trackers, the Huawei Fit is intended to work with a sidekick application, which is accessible for Android and iOS gadgets. Setup involves basically introducing the application and blending the Fit over Bluetooth. Your action matches up with the application as you would expect, and you can likewise utilize the application to design certain settings, for example, cell phone warnings. The Huawei Fit can reflect your telephone’s warnings, and you can choose which applications ought to be sent to your wrist, conveyed with a vibration.

The application additionally gives you a chance to turn on the vibrating alarm to let you know the Huawei Fit has disengaged from your matched cell phone. In the past I’ve regularly turned this on as a fast and simple approach to be alarmed in the event that I overlook my telephone some place. Notwithstanding, with the Huawei Fit, I’d regularly get the alarm superfluously, notwithstanding when my OnePlus 3T was appropriate alongside me and well inside Bluetooth go. It’s ending up progressively hard to emerge in an ocean of fitness trackers. Truly, the Huawei Fit doesn’t do much to try and attempt.


  1. Comes with a training plan
  2. Nice design
  3. Water proof


  1. Poor notifications alert
  2. Not a good battery life

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