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Huawei P30 Pro Amber Sunrise

Huawei is the most popular company in smartphone industry, we all know that Huawei mobile phones are world famous.

Today we are reviewing Huawei P30 Pro Amber Sunrise, it is a bit old smartphone but it is still one of the best-selling phone so why not take a hand on that phone.

Why I Like This Smartphone !

Color: The first thing I notice in smart phones is color, I love the amber sunrise color on this phone which is (inspired by nature).

It got the red to sort of goldish gradient which looks stunning, if you really want something that opposite to the classic then you will love this color.

The color variant Amber Sunrise is only available for HUAWEI P30 Pro
The 8 GB RAM + 512 GB ROM variant is only available for the HUAWEI P30 Pro Amber Sunrise variant

Source: huawei offical


Specs: This mobile comes with 512GB of storage and 8GB of Ram which I think good for hardcore enthusiasts, and easily best pick for modern apps games and photos, it has come with both single and dual sim choice is yours.

It has 6.47 inches OLED screen with 1080 x 2340 Screen Resolution which is nice with this price range.

Camera: The next thing is the camera, at the end of the day I know a lot of people gravitate towards the pixel 3 as having the best camera but i’d rather have this camera not only because it takes amazing pictures it also gives you different focal lengths to play with.

Do you want to take a picture with nice depth of field ?  you have that option, do you want to zoom it up to 10 times ? because you need to get closer to a specific target you can do that without even moving with your device in your hand.

There’s just so many options to play with the only area that it still kind of suffers from is video playback the software updates, have improved it ever so slightly so it does look better now than it did before but the video does not compare to the iphone 10s.

I do love the fact though that you can now record in two different compositions, so you could use the regular lens, and let’s say the wide lens at the same time

giving you two focal lengths to edit with sometime in post-production.

Battery: The battery life, this is still a two-day smartphone not a lot of other smartphones out there can last two days without having to charge it after the first.

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