Best Android Launchers

Android launcher applications have for quite some time been a basic piece of the Android encounter. On the off chance that you don’t care for the way your home screens look or act, you can essentially download an application to change every last bit of it. There is presumably that Android launcher applications have a significantly more various arrangement of highlights than some other type of use and you can truly do some astonishing things with these applications. We should investigate the best ones. An Android launcher changes your home screen and application launcher, so you’re not stayed with the out-of-the-crate involvement.

1. Nova Launcher – Download

Nova Launcher - Best Android Launchers

On the off chance that this isn’t your first gadget with Nova Launcher, it inquires as to whether you need to reestablish a past Nova reinforcement document. Reestablishing a reinforcement from neighborhood stockpiling or the cloud, Nova skirts whatever is left of the setup procedure by applying the settings you had in your reinforcement. Nova asks clients how they need the very launcher to look: light or dim topics, material cards or Pixel-esque strong foundations, application cabinet catch or swipe to cabinet. Nova tries to help slip clients into the huge number of settings accessible to them by displaying three straightforward setting choices and giving them a basic A/B decision. Similarly as Nova Launcher has remained to a great extent a similar launcher with a couple of all the more new styles and highlights included throughout the years, Nova Settings has kept about a similar configuration throughout the previous five years, simply extending with the expansion of an ever increasing number of highlights.

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2. Arrow Launcher – Download

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft took off Arrow Launcher a year ago, after a positive gathering for the organization’s Next Lock Screen. Concerning Arrow Launcher, the application has gotten force through the span of the year, increasing new usefulness with customary updates.The People home screen gives you a rundown of your regular contacts, while the Recent screen features five late photographs, calls, messages, or reports. The most recent refresh added the capacity to alter and comment on pictures from the Recent screen. Simply long push on a picture thumbnail, and you’ll see choices to alter or share an image.Overall, Arrow Launcher is similarly as quick as Nova or Google Now Launcher. There’s no superfluous swell, and it offers enough adaptability that I’m not passing up a major opportunity for any highlights that I depend upon frequently. What’s more, the best part is that it’s free

3. Action Launcher – Download

Action Launcher - Best Android Launchers

The home screen separates Android from other portable stages, and it’s an incredible marker to judge Android’s state and development. Organizers have become further developed over the most recent two years. Live backdrops are beginning to encounter somewhat of a restoration. In particular, launchers themselves have developed and been refined, with signals turning into a much more standardized and fundamental piece of the experience. Activity Launcher enables you to lay out your home screens with a work area framework and cushioning to your preferring, however the genuine enchantment comes in when we begin getting insane with signal highlights. Empower the Quickdrawer for a vertical application list that you can swipe in from the left edge of the screen.

4. ADW Launcher 2 – Download

ADW Launcher 2

It has been in beta for a long while now, yet it has at last left the beta and is currently accessible to all. The changelog is entirely long, which you can read over on the Google Play Store. There’s a considerable measure of augmentations in this refresh, and additionally settles for highlights that were incorporated into the launcher. As is typically the case with huge updates to applications, diversions and launchers, a few clients aren’t excessively cheerful. Some trust that the launcher is currently uglier than it was some time recently. While others are somewhat vexed that the refresh didn’t convey over their present setup to the new ADW Launcher 2. Driving them to re-try their home screens, with their easy routes, applications, gadgets and such.

5. Apex Launcher – Download

Apex Launcher - Best Android Launchers

There’s a couple of new card styles and movements, yet the greater part of Apex looks and acts as it did some time recently, directly down to the way it cuts off symbols when your matrix gets too enormous. Long story short, it’s still more old Apex than new Apex. Until the point when that new Apex is somewhat more noticeable, unless you’re truly into betas and offering input to launcher designers, I’d sit tight. In the event that you need to partake in the Beta, you’ll have to join the Apex Launcher Google+ people group and after that select in to the beta before downloading Apex Launcher from Google Play.

6. Atom Launcher – Download

Atom Launcher

Atom Launcher is another more up to date Android launcher application that is moving the correct way. It accompanies a subject creator and you can discover an assortment of topics for it on the Google Play Store also. It likewise accompanies signal controls, a concealed dock with additional settings, worked in gadgets, symbol pack bolster, and different settings and customizations. It’s light and productive, yet has enough highlights to make it focused. You can download it and utilize it for nothing. That way you can check whether you like it before pitching for the master rendition.


You utilize your mobile uniquely in contrast to I do, and I utilize my telephone uniquely in contrast to my colleagues do or my companions or my family. Everybody has their own ideal launcher, yet in the event that you haven’t discovered your most loved yet, at that point here are a couple of launchers we think will fulfill clients of each kind.

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