Best Mirrorless Camera 2022 – Reviewed

Best Mirrorless Camera 2019

Mirrorless cameras are slowly taking over the camera market, and for all the right reasons. They are lighter, and the best part about them is that they do not have a mirror, which makes them a lot easier to carry thanks to the slimmer bodies. However, they do lack some things like optical view finder, … Read more

Direct Audio

Direct Audio is an audio streaming app that allows any person with a mobile device to connect to any television in the room. Using our app, we enable participating venues to offer their visitors a personalized audio experience to hear any television in the room. We connect the Direct Audio hardware to the venues’ existing … Read more


AIVIA redefines the way you stream media by offering multiple ways to connect. Stream your favorite content over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or AUX connections or simply access all your favorite content like YouTube, Netflix or Spotify directly from the screen. BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY: AIVIA was crafted to look amazing in any surrounding. The soft touch outer … Read more

Huawei P30 Pro Amber Sunrise

Huawei is the most popular company in smartphone industry, we all know that Huawei mobile phones are world famous. Today we are reviewing Huawei P30 Pro Amber Sunrise, it is a bit old smartphone but it is still one of the best-selling phone so why not take a hand on that phone. Why I Like … Read more